The SeaBus Tours concept was created from the Directors years of experience in the design and production of the Amphicoach amphibious vehicles.

At SeaBus Tours we aim to facilitate unique city sightseeing operations around the globe by operating the most advanced amphibious tourist vehicles in the world to give the most unique and informative city tours available and  become leaders in the city tour Industry by offering a service that is virtually unparalleled, giving our franchisees a fulfilling and profitable business.

We expect our growth of SeaBus Tours to be from the concept being developed along with the franchise model of our tours. This being a combination of local operators introducing the brand, or the re-branding of existing tours and even new business start-ups. Having this model, the local operators have the ability to introduce the correct infrastructure to meet the needs in their locality whilst having the full support of SeaBus Tours. SeaBus Tours will oversee the development of each tour and continue to monitor each location and assess quality standards and the whole visitor experience.

We  will continually develop unique partnerships with suppliers, such as manufacturers, ticketing, merchandising, safety equipment and even commentary systems. These partnerships will then be offered to our operators.

All of our tours will be sold through our main website and a percentage of ticket and merchandise sales will be reinvested back into the worldwide marketing of the business and for promotional purposes to help us develop the brand.

Please contact us for a password to access our information on The Franchise section of our website

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