Our History

Our Directors have been involved in with amphibious buses since 2004 and have successfully produced and sold the Amphicoach amphibious vehicle in eight countries over four continents. It was in 2018 that the idea of the SeaBus Tours brand was first conceived. After extensive market research worldwide, it was established that tourists and visitors would welcome a recognised brand offering a unique sightseeing service in other destinations – a brand they could trust and be sure of the same quality and standards in each location.


The world’s most innovative sightseeing brand!

SeaBus Tours Brand was created in 2018 to offer amphibious tours worldwide. Tour operations are starting this coming season in Malta and the United Kingdom which will be operated by Amphibious Tours UK. Both operations will be the backbone of our worldwide operations.

SeaBus Tours Ltd. is being launched as an International Franchise/Partnership company. Part of their UK operations has now been taken over by Amphibious Tours UK Ltd. who will operate in four major cities in the United Kingdom.  Our bright, cheerful and fun-filled Glass Roof amphibious buses attract attention and are sought after by tourists and visitors wherever they go. The SeaBus Tours philosophy is to ‘think worldwide but be local’. The understanding of each city, its river, character and culture as well as its landmarks is our key goal which we will endeavour to achieve.

Exceptional Service and a unique experience!

We aim to provide exceptional levels of service and a totally unique sightseeing experience to all of our customers. This obligation to deliver a great experience drives us to continually innovate and develop new products and offers. SeaBus Tours sightseeing formula has been designed to provide a flexible approach to city discovery, and wherever possible, SeaBus Tours looks to enhance the visitor sightseeing experience by providing complementary experiences.

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